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Is your website mobile friendly? No? Read this now!

Mobilegeddon has Arrived! On Tuesday, April 21st, Google implemented one of its biggest changes to its mobile search ranking algorithm and the potential impact is so big that it has been dubbed “Mobilegeddon.” Early estimates say there may be as many as 40% or more of the current top websites that are not responsive (mobile […]

Authors should NOT have a book website!

Wait! What? Have you written a book? More than one book? Then, here’s my advice to you…DON’T build a website for your book. I can hear you now, “What? Are you nuts?” Nope! What I mean is that you shouldn’t have a website just dedicated to one book, but an AUTHOR website that includes all […]

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How to Speak WordPress

A Glossary of Common WordPress Terms A glossary of common WordPress terms is a handy tool to have on hand when you talk to your website consultant or developer. Here are some of the most common. Theme: A theme is a set of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files that together create the functionality and […]