checkmarkDo you have a small business, belong to a club or group, or want to start a business or a personal blog? Maybe you already have a website or blog that could really do with a makeover?

Here’s a checklist of a few things to ask yourself (and that we can help you complete!).

  • Do you evaluate your online presence at least twice a year?
  • Can local customers, potential members, or readers who might be searching for you for the first time, find you?
  • Have you created or updated your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages?
  • Have you uploaded a fun, short YouTube video?
  • Do you have a marketing plan for seasonal sales, specials, blog posts?
  • Can you capture customer, member, or followers information for an email list?
  • Do you promote your special offers and events on your social media sites?
  • Do you communicate regularly with blog posts or a newsletter?

Rampant Web Designs can help you with a makeover, design a new web site, provide consulting on some best practices, and everything on the checklist.

Send us a note with some of your ideas, wishes, and dreams and let’s work together!