Authors should NOT have a book website!

Wait! What? Create your Author website today!Wait! What?

Have you written a book? More than one book? Then, here’s my advice to you…DON’T build a website for your book.

I can hear you now, “What? Are you nuts?”

Nope! What I mean is that you shouldn’t have a website just dedicated to one book, but an AUTHOR website that includes all of your books, signing events, words of wisdom (a blog) and anything else you’d like to include.

Make sense?

Hold on, now I’m going to contradict myself here…just a wee bit.

It IS good business to buy the domain names that represent your individual book titles. I know sometimes titles are really, really long, but try to choose a domain name that’s as close as possible to the actual title. THEN, when people search on the book title, they’ll find you!

Does this make sense, too?

But, wait, there’s more! The domain name for each book doesn’t need to have any content on it at all; it should simply redirect people to your main website where all your books and other goodies can be found.

Now, I can hear you saying, “Redirect? How do I do that? It sounds hard.”

Don’t worry, you have some easy options…your hosting company can do it for you OR your friendly web site consultant <grin!> can show you how OR we can do it for you.

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