Create your own app!

create-your-own-appConduit Mobile has a great solution to many people’s desire to have their own app. They’ve created a fun web-based tool that will add as much or as little functionality as you like.

I played around with their web-based creation tool today and was really happy with my results. It’s a simple tool for individual publishers to make apps out of their content and is aimed at larger blogs and businesses like restaurants, musicians, events, etc.

If you have a simple blog or are just starting out, you should do a cost/benefit analysis before you jump in. Actually, you should ALWAYS do one before adding something new. (Yes, I know I don’t practice what I preach…)  😉  If you don’t bring in enough to cover the monthly fee, put this one on the back burner until you are.

It’s a great solution for a quick and easy custom app for iPhone (5, 4S, 4), iPad, Android, and HTML 5. The developers are also working to add Windows Phone to the list. They’ve thought of everything!

Conduit Mobile has three levels of subscription. The free level is only for 5 users and if you’re planning to grow your business in 2014…that’s not for you. The next level is $39 a month and includes their branding on the app. The third level is $99 a month and includes the removal of their branding (aka ‘white label’) as well as the ability to change the content hosting to your own domain.

PS – I didn’t finish my app yet, so don’t go looking for it…I have to do my own cost/benefit analysis!


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